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Sisterhood Boutique 2014

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Sisterhood Senior Hanukkah Luncheon

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Cordials, Caramels, and Latkes – Chanukkah 5775 by Rabbi Annie Tucker

This past week, my friend Carrie and I attended a French pastry class at a culinary school downtown. We were given a tour of the program’s enormous kitchen, plied with croissants straight out of the oven, and then seated for the demonstration – a high-tech affair in which a camera trained straight on the chef’s work surface projected her preparations onto a high-def screen for all to see. The dishes were delicious – lemon-honey madeleines, passion-fruit caramels, strawberry sorbet with rhubarb broth and banana chips, chocolate cordials filled with sour cherry ganache. But as much as Carrie and I enjoyed sampling these exquisite delicacies, the session itself left us a bit disappointed. Continue reading →

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