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Gift Shop

Gift Shop

Judaica shopportunities galore! We carry a unique array of gifts and Judaica items for special occasions, lifecycle milestones, and everyday pleasures. We’re here to help you find that very special item.

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Brand New at the Gift Shop:



FEATURING: THE STAR/BUTTERFLY NECKLACE,” it can be worn two ways.  When it’s closed, it’s a beautiful Star of David, made from Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconias. However, the Star can be opened at the top to then look like a row of small butterflies.  The significance of this necklace: “In the time of the Spanish Inquisition, converts to Catholicism who secretly continued to practice their Jewish faith, would wear a butterfly necklace like this, which forms a Star of David when it is closed.”  Such great significance to always remember who we are.  The cost of this necklace is $70.