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Kiddush Offerings

Kiddush Offerings

The Kiddush exists as an extension of the Shabbat Service.  Our Congregation would like to encourage the feeling of community by having our families celebrate together.

To sponsor a full Kiddush there is a required Base Fee of $850.00.  This fee includes set up, linens, center pieces, maintenance, kitchen staff, and food (basic Kiddush) for the congregation. A deposit must be made two (2) months prior to your Simcha.  Full payment is required 2 weeks beforehand as well as a final guest count.  Kiddush fees are payable by check or credit card.  Credit card payments will be assessed a 3% surcharge.

BHCBE offers a Basic Kiddush with the opportunity to add a variety of a la carte enhancements. Wine, Grape Juice & Challah will be provided by BHCBE.  It is requested that Kiddush Sponsors provide 2-3 bottles of Scotch &/or Bourbon.  If any of your guests have any food allergies, please bring it to my attention as soon as possible.  Every effort will be made to accommodate any dietary restrictions.

Basic Kiddush – $850 Basic Fee plus $20 per extra guest

Pick one: garden salad, caesar salad

Pick one: assorted rolls, pita bread, french bread, pita chips

Pick one: hummus, cheese and crackers, pasta and marinara, guacamole and salsa

Included: canned fruit, assorted desserts, coffee (regular and decaf), hot tea, ice water

Fresh fruit: to upgrade to fresh fruit there is a $150 fee plus $1.50 per extra guest

Enhanced Kiddush (a La Carte Items)

Three Bean Salad: $150, $0.75 extra per guest

Mini bagels and cream cheese: $250, $1.00 extra per guest

Veggie tray and hummus: $250, $1.00 extra per guest

Israeli Salad: $250, $1.00 extra per guest

Gefilte fish balls and horseradish: $250, $1.00 extra per guest

Egg Salad: $300, $1.25 extra per guest

Sweet Noodle Kugel: $400, $1.50 extra per guest

Tuna Salad: $400, $1.50 extra per guest

Whitefish Salad: $400, $1.50 extra per guest

Blintzes with Assorted Toppings: $400, $1.50 extra per guest

Lox, Mini Bagels and Cream Cheese (already made): $450, $1.75 extra per guest

Lox, Mini Bagels and Cream Cheese (Lox trays with capers): $550, $2.00 extra per guest

If there is an item not on this list that you would like to add, please feel free to contact the Catering Director for pricing: 847-256-1213 x22 or catering@bhcbe.org