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LGBTQ Inclusion


BHCBE is proud to provide a warm and nurturing environment for everyone who wishes to join our family. We have a vibrantly inclusive community, welcoming all Jews and their Jewish and/or interfaith partners and families, regardless of age, race, color, disability, religious background or sexual orientation.

Twenty-first century Jews are presented with exciting opportunities for adapting Jewish traditions and values to their personal lifestyles; the BHCBE community embraces and celebrates such bounteous choice! We are eager to help those who identify as LGBTQ to feel comfortable and completely accepted—and to enjoy full participation in every aspect of our synagogue life.

We enthusiastically support our clergy in welcoming same-sex Jewish couples and their families to our community. Our rabbi and cantor gladly will officiate at same-sex Jewish weddings and aufrufs, and we welcome to our Academy the children of same-sex parents. We celebrate baby namings, b’nai mitzvah and other smachot (happy occasions) of same-sex parents’ families the same as all families. And in times of bereavement, the BHCBE community comes together to provide comfort and support to all its mourners, regardless of sexual preference.

At BHCBE, we reach out to the entire Jewish community and the world to spread our spirit of inclusion. We strive to promote communication, understanding, and acceptance between the broader Jewish and LGBTQ communities. We maintain that all people are created b’tzelem Elokim (in God’s image); thus, we are committed to modeling behavior—in our synagogue community and in the world—that reflects core Jewish principles of equality, fairness, and chesed (unconditional loving kindness).

Join us this year as we participate for the second time in Chicago’s Gay Pride Parade! We will march together in the 48th annual parade on Sunday, June 25, 2017, and proudly proclaim our solidarity with Chicago’s LGBTQ community!

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