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Myra Weisberg – Hebrew Reading Support

1-IMG_0183I look forward to beginning my 23rd or so year at Beth Hillel as the Hebrew Reading and Writing Teacher and also some Vocabulary from the stories that the students and I read. We have a wonderful teaching staff. Many of them have been teachers there even longer than myself and I work very closely with them. I have been working with Bet, Gimmel, Daled, and Hey classes.
In addition to working at Beth Hillel, I also am a Hebrew Tutor at Am Yisrael. I have spent the last four summers practicing Torah portions and Haftorah/blessings with Cantor Simon of Am Yisrael. For 22 years, I worked as a Teacher Assistant with the same teacher in Primary Special Education for Wilmette, District 39. I also taught remedial reading for 13 summers in District 39. I am hopeful that I will be able to work with students again on blessings and help younger siblings master the singing of the Ashrei so that they will be able to chant it at their sibling’s B’nai Mitzvah.