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It’s a Wrap! 2014 World Wide Wrap in Review

Sunday, February 2nd was a busy day across the country as Men’s Clubs at Conservative synagogues everywhere celebrated the World Wide Wrap. It was a day exploring and embracing the mitzvah of wearing tefillin.

Preparation for the day began in earnest two weeks before the actual event with members of the Men’s Club teaching our 5th graders about tefillin. Students got to make their own mock tefillin and decorate them. You can see them proudly wearing the finished product below.

photo (12)

On the day of the Wrap, Men’s Club members taught members of the congregation and Hebrew School alike how to put on tefillin and we even had a guest rapper Mem and Mem. This was followed by a breakfast and talk by Rabbi Annie Tucker about issues of gender and tefillin, including her own attitude and relationship with tefillin over the years. You can see photos from the event below!