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Our Zayin Class

SamMeet your Zayin Jewish Studies teacher, Samantha Zadikoff!

Committed to sharing her passion for meaningful and fun Jewish education, Sam aims to create a safe and welcoming environment for each and every one of her students. The proud mother of two, she received her Master’s in Jewish Education in 2006 and has been teaching Jewish Studies for over 15 years. Sam loves connecting and creating a learning community within her classroom.  When she’s not teaching, Sam enjoys hot yoga, reading and hanging out with her two kiddos.  She is looking forward to an awesome year at BHCBE!

Meet your Zayin Hebrew  teacher, Rabbi Andy Bossov!

AndyShalom, parents and students!  I can’t wait to meet you all and to get started enhancing our knowledge and understanding of Judaism’s very special and unique language.  As an alumnus of this religious school – pictured on the wall of past graduates and everything! —  I received a strong foundation in Hebrew (and many other subjects) which I extended by studying Hebrew at New Trier.  After ordination at the New York campus of Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion in 1992, I served Reform congregations in Baltimore, Sarasota (FL), and southern New Jersey, followed by directing a Jewish seniors program in Westchester County, New York, until moving back to Chicago this past winter to pursue a dual career in music performance and rabbinics.  A lifelong pianist and musician, I graduated from Northwestern’s School of Music before working in arts management and a variety of freelance activities until becoming a congregational rabbi.

Hebrew Curriculum

Overview: In Kitah Zayin we move into Yesodot Ha’Lashon: Part 3. The class will begin by reviewing prepositions (on, near, next to, etc…), conjunctions, and possessive pronouns (for me, for you, etc…). Using short stories, simplified news articles, and in-class conversations, students will put their vocabulary and grammatical knowledge to practical use and experience how Hebrew fits together as a living, expressive language.

By the end of the year, our goal is for students to be able to

  • Use Hebrew prefixes (to, from, in, the, of, that) and attach them to pronouns (to him, from her, etc…)
  • Use the Hebrew prepositions (on, next to, under, above, below, left, right)
  • Answer simple questions in short sentences
  • Demonstrate a Hebrew vocabulary of at least 500 words
  • Match gender and number between nouns and adjectives
  • Hold a basic dialogue with a partner
  • Comfortably use the present tense and have a working knowledge of the simple past tense (binyan kal)

Jewish Life Curriculum – Tzedek, Tzedek, Tirdof (Justice, Justice You Shall Pursue).

Overview Using their teacher’s published curriculum as a guide, 7th grade students will take the entire year to study social justice and philanthropy. After studying Jewish texts on values, students will pick one value that they closely relate to and learn about nonprofit organizations globally and locally that put that value into practice.  In this year-long project, students will pick three organizations that most closely embody their Jewish value in spirit and practice.  Kitah Zayin will interview, study and get to know at least one organization.  The culmination of this year-long project will be a presentation of each student’s organization.  (Many organizations will have a representative present for the final project.)  During the 7th grade parent coffee hour, parents will learn more about this project.

By the end of the year, our goal is for students to be able to:

  • Answer the question, “What is philanthropy and how can I make a difference at 12/13 years old?”
  • Explain how their chosen organizations embody Jewish values to their peers and articulate which Jewish value speaks most powerfully to them